Recording Conversations with Government Officials?

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Unless a conversation is regarding a confidential subject matter, but is otherwise in a public space, why shouldn’t every convesation be allowed to be taped? Isn’t there a Supreme Court case that basically states that if you’re out in public, you don’t expect to have any privacy?  If an incident is in a public space, there seems to be no reason to assume it cannot be recorded.  I’d forsee restrictions on whether or not the government entity doing the recording is allowed to release the information. But the private individual should be allowed to release information…

Something to think about further…

Fun with Numbers

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I found this graph over at the USA Today. Typically I like the USA Today because they attempt to ‘do no harm’ with most of their reporting.

Take note of the call-outs for “Tax Cuts”.  When ever a tax cut occurs, there’s a drop in revenue – as a percentage of GDP.  This will lead most people to conclude ‘tax cuts cost us money!’.  However, if you were paying attention in Economics and History classes and remember the Laffer Curve.   Revenue during the years after tax cuts actually _increased_.  Of course the increases appear to cause a decrease in revenues, as a percentage of GDP, because the economy as a whole grew by a greater percentage!  So the pie grew bigger – and everyone did better, keeping more of their own money, BUT the governments take of the pie decreased. 

Additionally, when Revenues to the US government increased, AND the deficit % increased, it means Congress spent even more money – taking advantage of the increased revenues (and then some!).

Hello World, we’re back online

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Political Flops Blogging is now online

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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